a bedtime story

A bedtime story: Kasih and The Magical Children

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I hope your excited for a bedtime story for tonight. Let’s see what mysterious magic these children might possess.

All children are magical but some children have a little bit of extra magic in them. This was the case for the Rishi children. They had just a little teensy bit more magic in them because of their great grandmother, the good witch, Miss Sofea. 

Miss Sofea was known in the little town of Praisters for helping anyone who needed it with the magic that she could muster. And so the good magic was passed down to her daughter and her daughter’s daughter and eventually her great grandchildren.

The Rishi children

To start off our bedtime story, shall we meet the Rishi children? There were 3 of them.

The eldest, who was 8 years old, is Brave. Yes, that is actually his name but what a fitting name it is for this young man. He had brown curls, dark brown eyes and an adventurous spirit that suited his name perfectly. 

His little bit of extra magic? He would turn invisible when he felt happy. His mother, Ramona, got the shock of her life when she could hear the giggles from his cot when he was a baby.

After Brave, there was his sister, Linda. A very bright and clever child of 5 years old. Same brown curls as her brother but with eyes like her fathers. So green that it looked like seaglass. 

She loved to learn about the world around her. Her favorite pastime was going to the library and reading as many books as she could find. 

Linda’s special power? She could make special illusions appear within seconds of her uttering something into existence. Stories brought to reality, thanks to her boundless imagination.

The youngest was Icarus. A youngling of 3 years old. He loved to climb on top of things and pretend that he could fly. Which is where his extra little bit of magic really helped him. Can you guess what it is? Well, not exactly. When Icarus wished it, he could float. It was as if he was being carried by a magical cloud made just for him. Doesn’t that sound just lovely?

It takes a lot of love and effort to properly take care of regular children but magical children are another challenge for most people. Now that you’ve met the Rishi kids you can see how this could be a tiny bit of a problem, no? This was the challenge that Kasih, their new babysitter, had to learn as quickly as she could.

Kasih meets the kids

It was a chilly November day in Praisters when Kasih received a call from an unknown number. She is used to doing a lot of babysitting and some of her customers liked her so much that they recommended her to their friends. An unknown number was nothing out of the ordinary.

However, this was not going to be any ordinary babysitting job.

“Hello, is this Ms Kasih?” 

“Hello, yes, this is Kasih speaking. May I ask who’s calling?”

“This is Ramona Rishi. I am terribly sorry to ask you this but would you be available to babysit my children for about 2 hours at 4 pm today? I realise that it is very last minute but it is an emergency. I’ll pay you double your usual rate per hour for your trouble.”

Kasih didn’t really have any plans and extra money was always good.

“Sure, I’d be happy to help you out. As it turns out, my schedule is open…”

And so this was how Kasih found herself outside the Rishi home on the corner of Ocean Avenue. It was a modest sized blue coloured home with a light orange roof. It was the sort of house that just invited you in with a sense of coziness.

She knocked on the door and a lady with bright brown eyes gleaming behind cats eye glasses smiled at her.

“Thank you for coming, Kasih. I’m Ramona. Come and meet the kids…”

The children were all in the living room doing their own thing. Brave was making something out of popsicle sticks. Linda was reading a book about Da Vinci and Icarus… Well, he was floating up in the air, tinkling the chandelier lights with his fingers.

“Oh my gosh, Icarus. Come down please my love. You’re going to hurt yourself if you’re not careful.”

Icarus just laughed and continued to tinkle the lights ever so slightly

Now most people would freak out at the thought of having to handle a floating child. But not Kasih.

She reached into her bag and pulled out some colorful big marbles. 

“Hi Icarus, I’m Kasih. Would you like to play with these?”

Icarus slowly descended towards Kasih with curiosity in his eyes. 

“Can I really play with them?”

“Yes you can but only if you play nicely, okay? And you have to take really good care of these because they’re special to me,”

Icarus nodded as Kasih put the marbles on the ground for him. 

Ramona smiled at this interaction and after quickly explaining what she needed to her kids and Kasih, she headed out the door.

Just Kasih and the kids

Thinking that it was probably a good time for a little snack, Kasih asked the kids if they were hungry.

Obviously, it was a resounding yes. You see, magic uses up a lot of energy and sometimes, that meant that the Rishi children would be hungry most times.

Kasih liked to cook for herself and she was not too bad of a chef. So she quickly whipped up a quick and healthy snack of peanut butter and banana toasts for the kids.

a bedtime story
a bedtime story

Most of the kids that she had babysat before loved this combination. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Linda because she didn’t really like bananas.

“Come on Linda, try it out. You never know you might end up liking it…”

“I am aware that my taste buds aren’t fully developed yet and my tastes are going to keep changing. But if it’s bananas, no thank you,” she responded as they all sat at the kitchen island together.

She then proceeded to conjure up a beautiful imagery of an amazing feast above her head using her powers. There was pizza, burgers and all of her favourite foods. Even Ice Cream!

“I wouldn’t mind eating any of these right now for example” she said cheekily

“Remember what mom said about trying new things, Linda? You have to give it a chance at least…” Brave told her, playing the role of big brother.

She contemplated this and sighed, “Fine, I’ll try one bite…”

“That sounds reasonable…”

So Linda took a bite of the toastie and her face changed into a weird one. It was like her face suddenly became made of playdough and could be made into different pliable shapes. Oh how amusing it was to see in person!

“Well, at least you tried it.” 

Kasih instead made a fruit salad for Linda, which she happily ate till her bowl was clean.

After they had their snack, Kasih suggested they play a game of hide and seek, with their parents room off limits, of course.

Kasih counted to 50 while they hid. The little sounds of laughter heard through the house only minutes ago became complete, still silence.

She started by searching through the kitchen. 

“Oh I wonder where these children could be hiding!”

She looked around the kitchen and noticed a little bit of a cloth that looked like Icarus’ t-shirt with a smiley face pattern all over it. It was peaking out like a surprise from underneath a lower kitchen cabinet.

Sometimes, a babysitter is also a detective in that way.

She opened the cabinet and sure Icarus’ smiling face beamed up at her

“YOU FOUND ME!” he exclaimed.

“I did! But you picked a good hiding spot, that’s for sure.”

They then continued together through the house stopping to check the living room which was empty. They also looked inside the laundry room. No luck.

Kasih and Icarus then proceeded upstairs to the bedrooms. They looked inside the bedroom that Brave and Linda shared together. 

It seemed to be very quiet but Kasih had a hunch that someone else was hiding in this room.

She looked under the bed. Nothing. She looked behind the curtains. Nothing. She looked inside the dirty laundry pile. Eww, still nothing. 

Just as Kasih was about to move on to the next room, a small toy car rolled out from underneath the bed.

“Linda, are you using your special illusion powers?”


“Because that’s considered cheating, you know. Also I was going to hurry up and finish this game, so we could make some crafts together but…”

POOF! The fake illusion bed disappeared and there was Linda, lying on the ground.

“Ahah! Props on being creative but that wasn’t a fair game at all…”

“Brave is probably using his magic too, just so you know” Linda told Kasih.

” Well, let’s go find out shall we?”

So off they all went down the stairs. 


They looked around the living area but could not find Brave anywhere. They looked up and down the cushions. Everywhere behind the curtains.

Icarus however, started to get bored and began to play with his toy truck. He banged it on the ground next to him as some kids like to do. As soon as he hit it on the ground. There was a loud cry!


And Brave appeared before their eyes, crying as he clutched his foot and writhed on the ground.

“Are you bleeding, Brave?” Kasih asked with concern.

He continued to sob and so could not give her an answer.

“That’s okay, you just cry all you need to and then we’ll take it from there, okay?”

And that is exactly what they did. When he finally got it all out, he told Kasih where exactly he was hurt and that it was still kind of sore. She took a look at it and told him that he would be fine. 

“I appreciate you listening to what I was saying however, I hope that you know now what you shouldn’t have done, right?”

Brave simply nodded and then they all proceeded to the kitchen where they all got some nice warm milk to calm down.

Afterwards, they played a little bit more and before they knew it, Kasih’s time with them for the day had come to an end.

Before she left, Linda tugged on Kasih’s sleeve, “Will you come again?”

She smiled gently.

“Definitely and next time, I’ll even stay and read a bedtime story…”

Kasih and The Magical Children was written by Anastassia Irina, a bedtime stories for kids contributor.

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