A Bedtime Story

A Bedtime Story: Pupkin’s First Day of School

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Here’s a bedtime story for you! It’s Pupkin’s first day of school! Do you remember your first day of school? Pupkin is quite nervous but also excited! Maybe you felt the same way as well, so why don’t you come along with him? We all need a friend during these times and luckily for Pupkin, he will realise that a friend has been closer to him than he thinks, both at home and at school. Also, if you’re curious how Pupkin and Cubcake first met, you can find out right here!

“Darling! It’s nearly time for school! Are you ready yet?” Pupkin’s mother called to Pupkin who was upstairs, pacing back and forth in his bedroom. 

Pupkin was starting Year 2 today, and he was quite excited but also extremely nervous. Many questions, scenarios and worries ran through his mind. What if he doesn’t make any friends? What if he doesn’t like his teacher? Will he get along with the other kids? What if he didn’t like any of his subjects? What if none of his classmates like the things that he likes? Would they think that his all time favourite comic, ‘Colours of the Animal Heroes’ was dumb and childish? 

Instead of packing his school supplies into his backpack, he continued to pace with his paws tucked behind his back and his head down. The breakfast that he just consumed; bacons, eggs and hash browns; churned inside his stomach. He wished he hadn’t eaten so much. His little sister, Pupberrry ate so many hash browns that Pupkin felt sick just watching her. He knew Pupberry would be just fine starting school again, she was so brave and sure of herself. His mother came into his bedroom, and placed him on her lap.

“My sweet Pupkin, what are you still doing up here?” She asked, concerned. “And you haven’t even finished packing yet.”

“I don’t want to go to school,” Pupkin muttered gloomily. 

“And why is that?”

He asked his mother all the questions that he had thought about just moments ago. Pupkin’s mother stroked his soft head and cradled him against his chest. In a gentle voice, she said that she used to be just like that too when she was his age. Pupkin was shocked at this, his parents just seemed… Well, just so grown up! He couldn’t imagine his mother being afraid or nervous about anything. 

“Your father was just the same too. You know Aunty Pupcola? We went to the same primary and high school together, so we were always together. There was this one time when your Aunt fell ill and she couldn’t go to school, so I was crying and begging my mother, telling her that I didn’t want to go to school either if Pupcola wasn’t there with me. I was so scared to go to school without her by my side. So you see my dear Pupkin, there is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone feels like that sometimes,” Pupkin’s mother assured him, patting him on the back.

A Bedtime Story
A Bedtime Story

“Everyone but Pupberrry. I can’t be brave like she is. It’s completely hopeless. I’m hopeless.”

“Both of those things are not true, darling. I’m sure there are even times Pupberry is scared too. And you’re not hopeless, not even one bit. We all get scared and that’s okay. The most important thing is to do it anyway, to do it even if you are scared. You’re brave being able to admit to yourself and to me that you’re afraid, That’s what true courage is.” 

Pupkin thanked his mother, rubbing his eyes with both of his paws. He began stuffing his large backpack with school supplies: notebooks, pencils, colour pencils, crayons and coloured markers.  When he finished packing, he dragged the backpack to where his mother sat. 

“Now, let’s go downstairs. Your father and siblings are all waiting for you.” Pupkin’s mother said, carrying Pupkin’s backpack for him. “Your brother, Pupcorn is just as nervous as you are. Perhaps, you both will be of some comfort and solace to each other right now. He’ll definitely appreciate his older brother looking out for him.”

“Of course! I definitely understand how he feels right now,” Pupkin answered, rushing downstairs. 

Pupcorn was behind his father and four other siblings, he was fidgeting with his backpack straps and his head was casted downwards. Pupkin repeated the things that his mother had just told him, and Pupcorn perked up slightly at his brother’s kind words. 

When Pupkin arrived at school, he entered his classroom and was so pleased to see that his new friend, Cubcake was there as well! Cubcake ran over to him, waving his Colours of the Animal Heroes comic in the air. 

“Pupkin! I’m so happy to see you again and that we’re in the same class!” Cubcake said as a form of greeting. 

“I’m so happy too,” Pupkin grinned, both friends squeezing each other in a tight hug. 

Pupkin was so happy to see his friend, Cubcake again in this bedtime story! Another adventure with Pupkin and Cubcake is over but many other adventures awaits these two friends. Pupkin, Cubcake and I hope to see you for a bedtime story in the next adventure!

Pupkin’s First Day of School has been written by Tina Giang.

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