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Lyla and The Colour Purple 💜 | Bedtime Stories For Kids Podcast

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Welcome to bedtime stories for kids. My name is Mike and I’m super excited that you’re joining me today. Are you ready for today’s adventure? Today, we have a story for Lyla. Who’s living in Ohio in the United States Hyla. Now, if you want me to create a story just for you, then simply ask any grownup to get in touch and send me a message.

Now, speaking of grownups, hate grownups, did you note that the very best way to support this podcast is to leave a review, share these episodes with all your friends and family. And if you want to find out more about the podcast, you can always visit bedtime stories. Dot co. So if you’re ready for today’s adventure, then I’m also ready.

Lyla. I hope that your are also ready. Can we all raise our right foot and our left hand as hind to this guy’s weekend countdown with me in 5, 4, 3, 2. Go.

And she gets out of bed and she slowly walks to her closet. What should I wear today? And she opens the closet to find all the clothes that she could wear today. But when she opens the closet, she looks at it and immediately closes it again. Did she see this correctly? Am I still dreaming? Lyla asks herself.

And she opens the closet back up to find that all of her clothes and I mean, every single piece of clothing that Layla has in her closet has turned perfect. Which happens to me. Layla’s favorite color. I guess Linda says I have no choice, but to wear my favorite color today and Layla gets dressed and she walks down to join her family at the breakfast table.

Are you ready for breakfast? Laila’s mom treasure asks. Yes. Lola says, what are we having? Hmm. Well, considering that you are all dressed in purple today, why don’t we have breakfast made out of only purple foods? Oh, wow. Yes, let’s do it. So my question to you is, do you know any purple foods I love. So mom gets ready in the kitchen and she makes an amazing, super awesome amazingly delicious purple smoothie bowl.

And the smoothie bowl has fresh purple blueberries and passion fruit, which is also purple from the outside. And it’s just a bowl of purple yumminess EME. Let’s say. And after lineup finishes breakfast, it is time to go to the ballet class Laila and her mom get ready, walk outside to the car. When Lena’s mom just stops walking mom and Layla stare at the car, I could not believe my eyes.

Mom says to. The big, bright red family truck somehow turned purple. Is this our car Laila asks, I guess it is. Mum says, and they hop in and they drive to the ballet class. Once they’re there around 12 other children who will also join the class. There’s six girls and six boys. Oh, wearing. Purple. Oh, this is the best day ever.

Laila says I wish every day could be a purple day. And the ballet class itself was amazing. A lot of dancing and moving and stretching and listening and learning. And the one hour class goes by super, super fast. When it is time to go back home, what should I do now? And I wonders and she decides to go back to her room and play with some of her favorite toys.

And when Lena opens up the door from her bed, She finds that her entire bedroom has turned into. Can you guys, it has stirred purple of course. Purple WOL paint. Purple sheets. Purple bed. Purple pillows. Purple carpet on the floor. It is the color. Purple heaven. Oh, Layla says I love my room. It has to stay like this for other.

And so for the next few hours, Lena explores her new purple room and discovers that literally everything has turned into. When mom yells from down the stairs know it’s time for dinner. And tonight for dinner, we are having purple sweet potatoes with purple cauliflower, N eggplant with a sweet blue Berry sauce.

Enjoy your purple dinner. And Diana looks at her dinner plate and literally everything on her dinner plate is purple. Mom. Layla says, can everyday be like this? Of course it can mumble applies. And as Layla eats her purple dinner, she cannot wait to go to sleep. Listen to bedtime stories for kids and wake up tomorrow for a brand new purple venture.

And with that, I’m going to end today’s episode. Please do share it with all of your friends and your family. I hope you have fun. Join me in the next adventure. And if you want me to create a story to, for you, then simply ask any grownup to get in touch. I cannot wait to create an adventure does for you.

So with that being said, I wish you good night, sweet dreams every night, going to sleep. I wish you an amazing. And I will see you in the next adventure.

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