The flower fairy

The Flower Fairy

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Did you ever hear the story of the Flower Fairy? No? Then let me tell you, so that you can tell it, too.

One summer night, a brave, young knight, with his mighty horse, both full of force, were sent on a quest – by the king were blessed. 

Sitting in his tower, at that late night hour, the king wanted a flower – beautiful and pink. You’d miss it if you blink! In a forest deep, where the huge beasts sleep, and the fireflies shine before your eyes, stands a flower field, looking like a shield.

And so, the knight walks, he is watched by hawks, and his faithful horse follows the long course. Hours pass by, if only he could fly – his poor feet hurt, the pathway’s full of dirt.

“Oh, my dearest friend, I wish this would end. The king is rude and mean, unlike the queen!” The brave knight would say, and the horse would neigh.

The two walk some more, tired of this chore, everything is dark – but, wait! There’s a spark! A beautiful light which draws in the knight, and he runs for it – he’s not about to quit!

“Stop!” A voice shouts, and the brave knight pouts. “Stop it right there, you’re not going anywhere!”

“And who might you be? I can barely see through the greenery of this scenery!”

“Must you speak in rhymes? It’s not ancient times!” The voice speaks back and the trees crack.

“But… you do it, too. Or is this not true?”

“True it is, young knight, coming here at night, with your preying eyes. Looking for a prize?”

“Looking for a flower, at this witching hour. Know where it might be?”

“Take your horse and flee! And stop rhyming words.”

But the brave, young knight won’t back down without a fight. He draws his sword and – 

“Listen to me, knight, I am the source of the light. Not the flower pink, wanted by the king.” A fairy appears, with little, pointy ears, and the knight is shocked by the way she talked. “If you take the flower, bring it to the tower, all my light is gone at the crack of dawn. Please, my dearest knight, please don’t take my light! Lower down your sword, listen to my word.”

“Oh, my dear fairy, why must I carry such a heavy weight? Is this really my fate?”

“Fate is a delicate thing, just like my wing, but not set in stone. Neither is the throne that the king sits on.”

The knight sits and thinks, and before he blinks, the fairy sings a chant, that her great-great-aunt used to sing to her when she was a little girl. 

“What’s the song about?” He asks with some doubt.

“About how happy we were, right before the war. When your king came here, we wanted to cheer! But his selfish greed, sprouting like a weed, made him mean and mad, and the fairies sad. He took everything, your gluttonous king, took my land and power, only left one flower.”

“But why?” The knight demands, with his shaking hands.

“He wanted our magic, and it was quite tragic.” The fairy cries and the fireflies dance around the knight in the dark of night.

“So, he took the flowers…”

“He took what is ours! He left me behind, left with our light. Now I’m all alone, he sits on a throne. I’m the Flower Fairy, I am always weary of the swift dangers from you, strangers.”

And so, the knight decides it’s best to switch sides. He thought he did good during his knighthood. But he’d been deceived… he really believed that the king was right to steal the fairy’s light. Yet, the king was wrong, and the fairy’s song made the brave knight feel something he can’t steal.


Like a little dove, the knight fell in love. Her story made him sad, he really felt bad. 

“Knight? Are you alright?”

“I don’t want your light. I don’t want your power, I don’t want your flower. I want to keep at bay any harm coming your way – keep away the king, or any other thing that might want your magic.”

It was tragic for the fairy, to always be alone, always on her own. But this knight appeared and everything she feared slowly faded away, she didn’t feel like a prey. She felt protected, and more importantly – respected. Stars shone above, and the fairy fell in love, with the brave, young knight who doesn’t want her light. She has him by her side, becoming his bride.

And so, the pretty fairy the knight she would marry. With her flowy locks, towards the knight she walks, dressed in greenery, fitting the scenery. And the brave, young knight was given some light, ridding of his sword, and giving his word to be by her side as the fairy cried tears of delight – he is no more a knight. Instead, he grew wings, pesky little things, and became the king of fairies. No longer he carries the heavy weight of the fickle thing called fate. He’s made his own destiny – with the fairy he shall be. 

The king in the tower? He stopped wishing for more power. When he saw the Flower Fairy, full of joy and oh, so merry, he gave up his greedy ways, gave the knight some of his praise, blessed the two, apologised, and the fairy was surprised. The king now feels regret, he no longer is a threat, so he leaves the two alone, he even gives up the throne. 

Thus, the fairy, knight and horse found a new and better course – to keep the forest free from harm, guard the flower and its charm, grow plants, heal trees, save animals and help bees! 

This is how the story ends, with some love and two new friends – with the horse and with the knight, the Flower Fairy saved her light.

This story has been written by Daria Rusu, a Bedtime Stories For Kids contributor

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