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Leonardo joins Da Vinci’s Pancake Lab 🥞 | Bedtime Stories For Kids Podcast

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Welcome to bedtime stories for kids. My name is Mike and I’m super excited that you’re joining me today. Are you ready for today’s at venture and today we have a story for Leonardo who’s living in Ecuador. Now, if you want me to greet a story does for you then simply ask any grownup to get in touch. 

Speaking of grownups, Hey grownups, I’m trying to reach more families and therefore my request to you. If you have any sort of a connection to journalists, media influence. Anyone or anything that might help to promote bedtime stories for kids, please reach out and let me know. I would love if you could get in contact with me now, if you’re ready for today’s that venture, then I’m ready. 

Leonardo. I hope that you’re already. Can we all raise our right hand and our left foot as high into the sky. As we can count down with me in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lips. 

It’s at home. He is in his bedroom and he is thinking about what to do. He just spent the last hour building an amazing car with his Legos, but he’s looking to do something new. They were Nardo is looking to go outside. Um, Leonardo thinks to himself, should I go outside and play soccer or just walk around the neighborhood? 

And there are, Nardo decides that he will walk around the area to see if maybe there are some other kids outside playing as well. Who knows? There might be a new adventure that, oh, wait mom, I’m going outside. Have fun. His mom Carlino says Leonardo decides to walk to the end of his street. He makes a right turn and then immediately he makes another right. 

He knows exactly where he’s going. He is going to the old bakery a long, long time ago. This was a place to get the most amazing cakes, but sadly, the bakery has closed down and now it is just an empty building. And it’s a great place for adventures. Leonardo arrives at the old bakery, and immediately he notices that something is Derrick. 

The building looks all cleaned up and there is a sign on the wall of the building that reads DaVinci’s pancake lab. What’s going on here. They are not other things to himself. As he decides to walk to the front door. Once inside there Nardo takes a deep breath. Wow. Whoa. It smells so good. It smells like pancakes. 

I love pancakes. Leonardo says, as he looks. And indeed the entire bakery is transformed in what was an old and abandoned bakery is now a new, modern, almost like a lap. Hello, someone there Leonardo asks, but no reply. he yells a bit louder or is there a voice replies it’s mainly now. Oh, that can be the voice says, because I on Ardo when at that moment, Amanda appears behind the refrigerator. 

My name is Leonardo DaVinci and welcome to my pancake lab from this lab I experiment and I try and create the most amazing pancakes. Who are you? My name is also Leonardo Leonardo assess. And the guys just start laughing. Well, that is amazing. Leonardo da Vinci says, Leo. I have a question for you, but any chance do you like pancakes? 

Well, I love them well in my pancake lab, I try and create the world’s most amazing pancakes where you may be linked to help me create my next pancake. Would it be awesome. Leonardo says to Leonardo da Vinci, follow me to the back, please. As you can see, there are all these ingredients for pancakes. We have flour, milk, eggs, and we also have some basic toppings. 

What can we add to this to make this the most amazing pancake? Oh, I have a few ideas. Leonardo says great. Then let’s try them after all. This is the Leonardo da Vinci pancake lab, so that after. The two Leonardo’s baked, not one, not two, not three but 55 pancakes and experimenting to try and create the most amazing pancake ever when they get to pancake. 

Number 55, their narrative DaVinci says, I think this is the one. This is our maple syrup. Marshmallow triple chocolate chip bacon, blueberry peanut butter jam, Haribo chocolate, Nutella, her she kisses, powdered sugar, candy cane, cotton candy, pancake. Whoa. This looks super, super, super awesome. Leonardo says, guess what? 

Should we try it? They went out of the Vinci, says to Leo Nardo let’s do it. And Leonardo starts eating this amazing, amazing pancake that he created in the Leo Nardo DaVinci lab together with Leonardo da Vinci. Whoa. Leo says this is truly the most amazing pancake ever. And with that, I’m going to end today’s episode. 

Please do share it with all your friends and your family. I hope you had fun. Join me in the next adventure. And if you want me to create a story does for you then simply ask any grownup to get in touch. So with that being said, I wish you a good night. I wish you sweet dreams. If you’re not yet going to sleep, I wish you an amazing day and I will see you in the next adventure.

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