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My Best Friend’s Birthday

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“Will you come to my birthday party today, Bubba?”, asked Millie on the way back from school. 

“I will…try to come, for sure!” replied Bubba hesitantly. 

Millie and Bubba were best friends, they rode to school together in the same bus and sat together in class too. Bubba wanted to go to Millie’s house with all her heart, it was Millie’s tenth birthday! How often do your best friends turn ten, right? Only once! While Bubba did tell Millie that she’d be there, she was not sure if her momma would allow her to go, since Millie lived four streets away. The farthest Bubba had been was to the street right next to them!

But Bubba was determined. And with determination, you can do anything. Scared to ask momma, Bubba decided to go on her own adventure. Every evening from 6 to 7 o’clock was Bubba’s playtime. She rode her bicycle and ran with her friends and flyed kites in the park on her street.

However, on that Sunday, Bubba decided to go out to Millie’s house four streets away instead of the park on her street. She planned everything, she would go out on her bicycle at 6 and come back by 7 and no one would notice a thing! Oh how happy Millie would be to see her, she thought, and Oooh all the cake they’re gonna eat together!

With these thoughts in mind, Bubba set out on her red bicycle. It was 6 PM and the sun was still out, Bubba knew the way to Millie’s house because the school bus dropped Millie first and then her. So she paddled and paddled and paddled and found her best friend’s house. 

“Hello Bubba! Did your momma drop you here?” Millie’s mom enquired when she saw Bubba entering.

“I found my own way here, Miss Sheffer!”

“Oh that’s great then, come on in now, Millie would be so happy to see you!”

And happy she was. This was the first time Bubba ever came over and that made them both so happy! But this excitement didn’t last too long…

Bubba looked around and realised that all of Millie’s other friends came dressed in beautiful frocks for the birthday party and with beautiful gifts all wrapped! Millie wore her shiniest silver frock too, while Bubba was in her regular clothes and didn’t even bring a gift…

The cake was served and all the kids excitedly waited for their presents to be opened. As time passed Bubba saw Millie open the gifts and smile more and more with each present, “Monopoly! Thank you Aaron” Millie said to her friend. Bubba wished that she brought Millie something too, and it would’ve made her happy, but she didn’t plan it well. Just as the evening seemed to get dull, Bubba looked at the clock and saw that it was 40 minutes past 7! She had to be home by 7 and she was 40 minutes late! 

She quickly told Miss Sheffer, Millie’s mom, that she needed to take her leave now. Miss Sheffer offered to drop her home, but Bubba insisted that she would find her way just as she did when she came. She left without saying bye to Millie, because she was busy with her other friends. 

When Bubba took her bicycle outside, the sun had already set and it was dark. It was hard to know where to turn and Bubba was in a panic! She was late and could not find the way home! She paddled frantically thinking about going back to Millie’s house to ask Miss Sheffer to drop her after all. But now, she was away from Millie’s street and couldn’t find her house either!!

This was turning out to be the worst day ever, Bubba’s eyes teared up and all she wanted was to see her momma. Just then, she saw a lady and asked her the way to her street. The kind lady accompanied Bubba for two streets and she recognised her own street and paddled so fast that she barely could properly thank the lady! Oh she wouldn’t know what a saviour she was!

Bubba saw her momma outside the house, in more panic than she was. While Bubba felt so happy, her momma was furious! She held her tight and kept asking where she’d been! Momma went to the street park so many times, and went to all the friend’s houses nearby! She was very scared and broke down in tears too, on seeing her kid.

“Oh you should’ve told me honey!” momma said when Bubba explained where she’d been. “You should’ve told me, and I would’ve dropped you to Millie’s house, and taken you shopping for a gift for Millie, all you had to do was ask me, honey!” said momma. That’s how easy it was. Oh! how Bubba wished she would have talked to her momma sooner and told her everything, the evening would have been so different and so much nicer. 

The next morning, Bubba woke up to a nicely packed gift and a very beautiful birthday card. Momma asked Bubba to get dressed nicely and then she took her and Millie out for a fun day at the mall! 


“This story has been written by Komal Yadav from India. She enjoys making conversation and telling tales of many lives (sometimes based on her own adventures too!).”

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