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Sweet Bedtime Stories To Make You Feel Better

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Victoria didn’t like being stuck at home during the lockdown. She was away from her best friends, her school classes, the playground, and her cousins. It made her very sad when she woke up every morning, but dad could not take her to school. She missed dressing up in her favorite clothes, and all the hairstyles mum would do with her hair. Sometimes she would cry quietly before she went to sleep each night, even though Mum and Dad would read her sweet bedtime stories.

One day, she didn’t feel like eating her breakfast and lunch. Mum thought that she was ill and told dad to make an appointment with the doctor to find out the matter. It was puzzling for mum and dad because Victoria had no fever, and she could get out of bed. But Mum could see that something was wrong.

“But mummy I am OK,” she said. “Your face is very sad, Vicky,” said mummy. Dad agreed with mummy. “You are not your happy self, sweetie,” said Dad. Victoria ran to her dad, and he hugged her. “Do you want to tell us what is wrong?” asked Dad. Victoria began to cry. “I miss all my friends, and my classes, and grandma and grandpa!”

Mum looked at Dad and nodded her head. She came to sit next to Dad and Victoria and kissed the top of Victoria’s head. “Oh dear, you are not sick. You are feeling alone”, she said. “I don’t think you should go to the doctor. We can help you feel better at home.” Victoria stopped crying, sniffled loudly, and looked at Mum.

“How can you make my friends come here, Mummy? How can grandma and grandpa visit when I saw on the news that they can’t? Mum carried Victoria onto her lap and wiped her teary face. “Let Daddy and I figure it out before bedtime tonight, OK? Victoria was confused, but she nodded her head.

Sweet Bedtime Stories
Sweet Bedtime Stories

Victoria went from feeling confused to excited when she saw mum and dad whispering to each other and looking in her direction. It started to feel like Christmas, even though it was not December. At dinner time, Dad brought his computer to the dinner table. He didn’t usually work at the dinner table. “Tonight, we are having dinner with Grandma and Grandpa, Vicky. Say hello!” he shouted. He opened the laptop, and Vicky could not believe her eyes! Grandma and Grandpa were sitting with their dinners at their table and waving back at her! She nearly jumped out of her chair and knocked her dinner plate over! “Grandmaaaaa!” she squealed.

Before she settled down and ate her dinner with her grandparents over the Internet, it was a good while. Mum had made her favorite dessert. Grandma had made her famous pudding, and grandpa was playing around with the pudding in his bowl. She scolded him, and Victoria burst into giggles! She couldn’t decide whether to lick the bowl or laugh at Grandpa’s jokes.

By the time dinner was over, Victoria felt so much better! She sang her favorite song as mum ran her bath and gave her a bubble bath to put into the water. “Hurry, Vicky. We have some people waiting to join us for sweet bedtime stories.”, she heard dad say. “Coming, Dad!” she shouted back. She quickly finished her bath, put her pajamas on, and hurriedly brushed her teeth.

“Who’s joining us, daddy?” she asked. “Come to bed and see!” Dad said. She dashed to her princess bedroom that she almost slipped. Victoria heard some familiar voices in her room, and she jumped onto the bed. Dad was there with his laptop screen facing the bed, and said “Surprise!”

“Tanner! Samantha! Tyler!” she screamed and jumped up and down on the bed, clapping her hands. Her best friends from school had joined her for storytime! Dad read them all a few sweet bedtime stories and let them chat for a while before they got tired.

“Time to sleep, everyone!” said Dad. Victoria yawned and said goodbye to her friends. Dad also said goodbye and closed the laptop. Mum came into the room and tucked Victoria into bed. Mum and Dad gave her kisses on her forehead, and she yawned in their faces. They both laughed and kissed her more and more. She giggled and pulled them down onto the bed. Then Mum and Dad tickled her, and she laughed so hard that her eyes had tears in them.

“You are the best mum and dad in the world! “You made me feel better without going to the doctor!” She hugged their necks tightly then her grip loosened as she closed her eyes. Victoria drifted off into the best sleep ever and dreamed that she had a sleepover with her friends and read sweet bedtime stories. Maybe one day it would all be back to normal, but for now, she was happy.

This story was written by Lisa Thomas a bedtime stories for kids contributor.

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